Bad Credit Auto Loans Frequently Asked Questions

How much can I get pre-approved for?

Your approval amount depends on a variety of factors and differs from person to person. Rest assured though, we will be able to find you the best approval possible.

Will a cosigner help?

We always strive to find you an auto loan without the aid of a cosigner but should the buyer not meet all of the credit requirements a cosigner will indeed be helpful.

What are the interest rates?

A very good question but one that is difficult to answer in an FAQ because there are a lot of factors that go into an interest rate: Your credit file, the age of the vehicle your purchasing, the amount of your down payment and more. At BrCarCredit we work hard to get you the lowest interest rate possible for your situation.

I’ve had a repossession in the past year. Can I still qualify?

If the repossession was not included in a bankruptcy and there is still a balance on the account, you can still pre qualify. Greater money down requirements will apply and vehicle selection will be limited to newer cars that are still under factory warranty.

I’m currently in a chapter 13, will I still qualify?

Short answer, yes! Your approval may take a little longer and you need to obtain an “authorization to incur debt” from your trustee.

I don’t have any credit at all, can I still get approved?

At BRCarCredit we have several first time car buyer programs!

Should I find a car before applying for an auto loan with BRCarCredit?

No. We have partnered with an auto delivery center in Baton Rouge that will go that extra mile to get you the car you need after we’ve gotten your approval.